Imagine Minesweeper as an adventure game, in Dungeon Squeaker you play as a mouse who finds a magical compass which points to the nearest threat. Oh and the mines are cats.

Please play and comment! I desperately need feedback!


The game includes the level editor I use to create the game content. In the final version the players will be able to create and share their own adventures. Currently you can view and edit the levels. This doesn't save in the build yet, so experiment away.


My greatest hope is to release the game on the Nintendo Switch.
Besides that that it will be released on Steam / / mobile (premium).

Please play and comment! I desperately need feedback!



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Honestly this was such a well polished game I don't think I have any feedback, other than I kind of want an option to pass turn. I understand the last level was kind of built on the whole move to get into the certain rhythm of the lava thing but it felt more frustrating than an actual puzzle (and I may or may not have brute forced passed it).

Other than that, very charming.

I think this is great. I really enjoyed it. I think it's a good mechanic and you've executed it really well, the art is particularly good. 

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I got unable to open the first golden door because of full inventory. An option to use items at full health or discarding/dropping items is much needed!
EDIT: Also, dying and restarting made the whole map disappear and unplayable, but I can see a glimpse of it when pausing the game.

Can I request the following features:

1. Keyboard for movement.
2. Less confusing description (it seems to have little or no semblance to minesweeper.)
3. Faster pace.
4. iPhone version


I agree with most previous comments: it was not obvious I could click on the book. Mainly because it looks similar to the compass that is not clickable. So the first time around I died before I understood all the rules (and read the comments ;)

Another little thing, perhaps the needle could wriggle when an enemy is close? I had te remember to look at it when no enemy seemed in sight. Just having it appear didn't catch my eye.

I stopped playing when I was stuck: there was a golden key, but two golden doors. I guess I opened the wrong one… I could see the exit with the eye, but no way to open the door!

Apart from these niggles, it plays very well!

It looks great and plays great too! My only feedback is that I didn't know I could click on the book, until I did, and that's the only way how I learnt I could actually defeat the animals instead of having to try to sneak though, though it would be nice to do a pacifist run. 


Yes, I'm working on that next! :)
Between levels there will be pages of the book, including the hint you can consult it during play!


Wonderful game. The only issue I've encountered is that the compass and book are there to freely show you where the enemies are and what they are, but they don't stand out enough. I frequently forgot about them and ran into several enemies my first time through. Adding a slight animation would be helpful, but its your call.

The game seems awesome, can't wait to see more levels!

Cheers Ztuu! If you have any feedback, I would welcome it! :)

Ah you already did by the video, cheers! ;)