Imagine Minesweeper as an adventure game, in Dungeon Squeaker you play as a mouse who finds a magical compass which points to the nearest threat. Oh and the mines are cats.

Please play and comment! I desperately need feedback!


The gameplay is very puzzle oriented. 
• You can move adjacent & diagonal. 
• Adjacent tiles become revealed. 
• The compass points to the nearest enemy. 
• Don't stop on spikes!
• Step next to an enemy and they hurt you. 
• Step on an enemy to defeat them

The key to defeating enemies is to explore tiles you know to be safe and use the space to triangulate the enemy. Step diagonal onto enemies to defeat them without getting hit back. 


The game includes the level editor I use to create the game content. In the final version the players will be able to create and share their own adventures. Currently you can view and edit the levels. This doesn't save in the build yet, so experiment away.


My greatest hope is to release the game on the Nintendo Switch.
Besides that that it will be released on Steam / / mobile (premium).

Please play and comment! I desperately need feedback!

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